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Who we are

About Home & Community Care Ltd.

HCCL is a social enterprise (bearing TIN:759302841642) that provides health care services to patients at home to the elderly and chronically ill. Our clients include senior patients and people with long-term disabilities, who make up community consumers.

AT HCCL, our caregivers and clients are treated with respect and dignity. We have always made it a primary aim lookout for both parties' best interests. Together, our 344+ caregivers have positively impacted the lives of more than 600+ patients across Dhaka. We make it a point to empower our caregivers by providing adequate training, skill development, and respect to build a client relationship of their own. In return, we have received incredible accounts of the difference they are making in the lives of our patients with their care.


Provide quality medical, psychosocial, and personal care for vulnerable groups in the comfort of their homes through technologically-enabled caregivers.



One-stop solution for home delivery of healthcare services, combining technology and with the compassion of human touch.

As a concern of SAJIDA Foundation, we have affiliation with other associates of SAJIDA Foundation. Currently, we are directly affiliated with SAJIDA Hospital and foundation.

We are planning to expand our affiliation with the local hospitals and other health service institutions to achieve our vision and that is "One stop solution for home delivery of health care services".
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