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If you’re caring for a family member with health problems, you may feel exhausted as you have to manage your work life, parenting, and also your household. In fact, Bangladesh’s working-age population is facing an increasingly demanding lifestyle, which often requires them to be absent from home for extended periods. These factors place a burden on the quality and consistency of care that can be provided by the family in the home. We take a compassionate and attentive approach to plan the best home services that help balance everyone’s needs.

We commit ourselves to finding a caregiver who matches our client's personality and requirements. Finding a caregiver suited to your needs is integral to start providing our services.  Once the service starts, the caregiver provides all the services listed above. There are scheduled check-ins with the doctor every week for updates to the care plan. 

Our Core Services


Care Attendant

It is an economy version of general care service. Under care attendant service, our caregivers provide personal care like- helping with the tasks of every daily

Home care is a safe and convenient care option that allows your loved one to get care in the comfort of home.

a trained care attendant can step in to take care of your loved one. From companionship and meal preparation to showering and medication reminders, professional caregivers will make sure that your loved ones are well taken care of at home.

With care attendant, your loved ones receive the undivided attention of the caregiver, ensuring that they get the care they deserve. Furthermore, being in the home setting means that caregivers may be able to spot potential hazards that are only obvious to the trained eye and recommend simple home modifications, such as the installation of grab bars, to keep your loved one safe.

Caregiving Icon-01.png

General Caregiving

Our caregivers help our patients in daily activities such as feeding, bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, recovery assistance, medication management, and more. We have our general caregivers who have intensive training in-home care.

Our patients depend on our caregivers and HCCL to be in the safety and comfort of their homes and to preserve their dignity while receiving care.  Some of the services we provide are listed below:

  • Bathing

  • Toileting

  • Feeding

  • Dressing

  • Assisted daily living

  • Mobility exercises

  • Medicine management

  • Recovery assistance

  • Fall prevention and vitals tracking

Advance Caregiving

Special care-01.png
Advanced care includes skilled medical caregiving for intensive recovery assistance and long-term illnesses. Caregivers are equipped with medical knowledge to provide advanced care.
Our caregivers and medical experts take their care duties with the utmost sincerity in making sure our patients are secure and comfortable in their homes, while their integrity is preserved. Some of the services we provide in advanced care are listed as follows:
  • Skilled clinical caregiving in personal care and assisted daily living
  • Bed-ridden patient management
  • Long-term illness care (Dementia/Alzheimer/ Cancer)
  • Intensive recovery care (Cardiac, stroke, pulmonary patient care),
  • Special feeding pathway management
  • IV Cannula/suctions management. 
Semi Critical Care Icon-01.png

Semi Critical Care at Home

Recently we introduced Semi Critical Care at home for our patients. This service is for those critical patients who can be treated at home and are not in need of ICU or not in the situation to go to the hospital. Services feature are -
  • Skilled Clinical Caregiving
  • Doctors and Nurses Supervision round the clock
  • ICU Bed rent (3/5 function)
  • ICU Monitor
  • Oxygen Support
  • Nebulizer
  • Suction Machine
  • Any other home medical equipment required for patient

Additional Services

Add On

At HCCL, we aim to provide holistic care for our patients. In addition to caregiving, we provide add-on services for the well-rounded and high-quality care of our patients. This includes providing services for which the client may need to go to or contact the hospital such as lab tests, doctor and nurse consultations, physiotherapy, and ambulance service. 


Oxygen Support

HCCL aims to address all possible needs that you may have. For patients who are struggling to breathe, having chest pain, or have a low oxygen concentration- we are providing our oxygen support system. It includes an oxygen cylinder to aid the patient breathing and an oxygen concentrator to provide patients with pure oxygen from the ambient air. 
lab 1-01.png

Home Lab Test

HCCL partners with third-party institutions for our home lab tests services. We do home X-Ray, ECG and pathology test with the help of our partners.

Doctor & Nurse Visit, Therapy Services

We have an experienced pool of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists with us. If you need any physical or remote doctor consultation, we can arrange those. Besides, our nurse and physiotherapist can also visit physically your home for the required service.
We also provide PPE & IPC kits * to our caregivers and clients based on the clients' requirements and considering the current COVID situation.
* Charge Applicable
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