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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is Home Care?
A.  Providing companionship, mobility assistance, daily living assistance, and clinical support to the elderly and the chronically ill person at                their own home.
Q. What services does Home and Community Care Ltd. provide?
A.  General Caregiving Service
            Advance Caregiving (specialized)
            COVID 19 Caregiving
            Semi Critical Care at Home
           Oxygen Support
           Add-On Services(home lab tests, physiotherapy, dietician, doctor/nurse at-home visits, ambulance services, and more)
Q. What is the price of HCCL's services?
 A. Please email us at or call us at 09610900000 for information about service prices.
Q. What are the hours of availability?

 A. Please call us at 09610900000 anytime.
Q. What are the qualifications of our caregivers?
A. Our General level caregivers have completed their SSC or HSC, and are from non-medical backgrounds while our Advanced level                                     caregivers have diplomas in nursing or MATS or paramedic training
Q. What trainings do HCCL caregivers have?
 A. Our caregivers at HCCL are trained in providing personal care, oxygen cylinder management, Oxygen therapy, vital sign, Use of pulse oximeter, Insulin administration, PPE using, Documentation & and WhatsApp update, Nebulization, NG /PEG/ tube feeding, Moving bedridden client/ Positioning, Diaper changing, Medication management /administration, Medication administration(IV, IM, SC )Breathing exercise, Hygiene maintain, Suctioning, Respirometer exercise, Fall prevention, Bedsore dressing, Basic physiotherapy
Q. What do caregivers/HCCL's roles entail?
 A. Our caregivers at HCCL primarily provide personal and skilled medical care at home depending on the patients’ needs and provide                     support with assisted daily living. They also provide emotional and mental support to the patient, while maintaining respectful                           boundaries. To know more about our caregivers, click here (link caregivers description page).
Q. Are your services long-term or short-term?​
 A. We offer both long-term and short-term services.
Q. Does HCCL offer dementia and Alzheimer's care?
 A. Yes, HCCL offers specialized care for Alzheimer's and dementia, as a part of its advanced care services.
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