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Refund Policy


After a client is deactivated by the Operational Supervisor, he/she checks if the client has any advance amount paid in the client’s respective account.

  • If the advance amount is found, the Operational Supervisor notifies the Junior Officer (F&A) to conduct the refund process.

  • The finance team sends an email to the client requesting the information of their bank details that including bank name, account name, account number, branch name, and routing number.

  • After the client’s response to the refund mail regarding the bank details, they got eligible to get the refund

  • After getting eligible, the finance team refunds the money to the respective client’s account within 7 to 10 working days.


If a client does not respond to the bank details email request within 7 working days, the finance team follows up through a phone call to collect all the necessary details.

  • The finance team maintains and stores vouchers for documentation.

  • The Senior Coordinator of HCCL or the Head/COO of HCCL approves the transaction of refund amount that is uploaded in the online bank portal of HCCL by the Junior Officer (F&A HCCL).

  • Payment to the client is facilitated within 3 working days.

On the completion of the refund transfer, the finance team sends a payment confirmation email to the client.

  • The finance team maintains an excel tracker for refunds including the client’s name, refund status, refund date, follow-up dates, and remarks.

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