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Not a hospital, but a ‘house-pital’: Homecare during the pandemic

Covid-19 has caused significant public health and safety concerns for the elderly population! The virus has completely changed ways of socializing for the vulnerable population - interactions with family members, friends, and neighbours have barely become minimum or to a total stop. However, the elderly still continues to rely on in-home caregivers for physical and emotional guidance inside the comforts of their home. Sajida Foundation’s Home & Community Care Ltd (HCCL) has been an answer to such families during the pandemic.

Since 2016, the SAJIDA Foundation has run a program called “Elder Care”, to cater to the needs of the elderly population through in-home caregivers and nurses. Every day, HCCL’s in-home caregivers assist many older adults with everyday tasks, such as bathing, dressing, feeding, medication administration, while providing companionship that addresses ones’ emotional needs. Some caregivers also provide advanced levels of nursing at home for patients who are bedridden, require post-operative care, hospice support and have special feeding pathways.

What the pandemic meant for home care

As Covid-19 gripped the nation, it became a tough decision for families relying on such in-home care services. The question was whether to allow outsiders to continue visiting homes taking care of the elderly or choosing complete isolation.

HCCL responded by focusing on the right thing to do here: safeguarding clients’ and caregivers’ in the best possible way. The team responded early by reinforcing the organization’s already comprehensive safety protocols, bringing it down to all caregivers stationed at all active client’s households.

Infection Prevention and Control guidelines for both Caregivers and Clients were created. These were fully aligned with the official guidelines from the WHO and the CDC. The caregivers were brought in batches and trained on the new guidelines and instructions. HCCL distributed Infection Prevention and Control kits to every household where the services were running for free for the first month. The service modality has also been changed - to limit Caregivers’ movements and reduce their chances of contracting Covid-19. Today, HCCL’s caregivers and nurses maintain similar high safety standards and strict PPE usage, who were trained by the Foundation’s frontline doctors who have been serving since early April in Sajida Hospital for Covid -19 Isolation Management.

HCCL quickly adopted digital processes to help remotely manage its pool of Caregivers and disseminate knowledge and guidelines. A good portion of monitoring of clients and caregivers take place over smartphone apps today.

The bright side

Amidst a plethora of challenges – the clients of HCCL have been very supportive in all efforts taken during these last few months. The caregivers too, mustered up courage and rose to their responsibilities with no qualms in wearing PPE for long hours, or adopting smartphone apps to stay connected to the wider Operations teams. Covid-19 turned out to be the right impetus that was needed by many in the country to adopt significant changes in behaviour, biases, and habits.

Way forward

HCCL has piloted a new service collaborating with Sajida Hospital which provides a more integrated COVID-19 management plan for the elderly at home, including – stationed caregivers, visits by nurses & doctors, medical equipment, and remote vitals monitoring & consultations. Depending on severity, having a home recovery option for Covid-19 will be a crucial service for many.

Sajida Foundation has had a multipronged approach towards benefitting the society bringing its vision of “Health, Happiness, & Dignity” for all. The foundation has been extending support to vulnerable communities in partnership with Citi Foundation during this pandemic. Currently, the foundation is exploring options to bring the elderly care service to a wider segment of the population over the next few months.

For any queries & services from Home & Community Care Ltd (HCCL), you can call on +09678771382 or email on

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